One Hundred Actions from Oulu campaign reached its end – the buzz continues in Oulu


For about four years now One Hundred Actions from Oulu –campaign has brought to our attention inspiring and progressive actions from Oulu. One Hundred Actions from Oulu -list is now complete and you can check all of the one hundred acknowledged actions on the website The list could go on forever because actions worth acknowledging are taken in the city all the time.

The actions chosen on the list One Hundred Actions from Oulu have contributed, for instance, to developing services, improving the environment or construction. The programme combined the active participation of the citizens of the city region in improving the services and the products with reporting about these actions in the city region, in Finland and even outside the borders of our country. Every one of us has been able to suggest actions on the list through the programme’s website. The aim has been to highlight actions that serve the citizens, the businesses and the visitors equally.

The programme started in 2011. At the time, the aim was to bring together the regions of new Oulu and to encourage all the citizens to tell about the positive features of their living environment. The reason why actions in particular were talked about has its origins in the report of Finland Country Brand Delegation prepared by Jorma Ollilla. The most important conclusion of the report was highlighting concrete actions. Inspired by this conclusion, the joint marketing of Oulu City Region started to plan One Hundred Actions from Oulu –programme.  Erkki Karvonen, Professor of Information and Communication Studies at the University of Oulu, is considered to be the father of the idea of ‘One Hundred Actions from Oulu’.  He emphasized the importance of people’s active participation in improving services and developing products. According to Karvonen, the current site serves as an idea bank for the development of the city.

One Hundred Actions from Oulu programme has also managed to bring positive news in the media and the programme was awarded the Hoksnokka commendation by the journalists in 2014. “The chosen actions have regularly provided the journalists with news items concerning the positive development of the Oulu region. The actions have usually originated from independent activity, from the level of everyday life and working life”, the press club stated as their criteria for handing out the prize.

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