One Hundred Actions from Oulu – Sonnisaari Bewery chosen as the 98th Action

Sonnisaari Brewery has been chosen as the 98th action within the “One Hundred Actions from Oulu” campaign. The brewery opened this spring continuing the long tradition of hand-crafted beers in Oulu after a break of more than ten years.

The craft brewery was founded by Timo Tyynismaa, Timo Kanniainen, Harri Vaarala and the restaurant company Säkenöivä Voima Oy in June 2014. The brewery crafts beer by hand and produces a wide range of beers – up to 34 different types a year.

The brewery’s real trump card is the fact that it is local and based in Oulu. The design and manufacturing of the brewery’s brewing equipment has been done by locals. After the approval process, the first beers were sold in May 2015. Currently, 5-6 restaurants – e.g. Oluthuone Leskinen, Jumpru pub and Rooster – sell Sonnisaari Brewery’s beer in Oulu.

Both the name of the brewery and its beers refer to Oulu. In the names of the beers, there are also hints of local flair. The range includes for example Intiö Pale Ale and Pale Ale Qstock. In addition, the brewery has cooperated with the Oulu-based musician Kauko Röyhkä and produced a beer that is named after Röyhkä’s song Maa on voimaa. According to the jury, the brewery has had good cooperation with local actors, which is why it is the 98th action on the list.

The demand for the brewery’s products has been good. So far, Sonnisaari’s beers have been sold only in the Oulu region, but there is definitely an interest even outside the region. The company is considering increasing its annual capacity from the current 30 000 litres. It seems that the people in Oulu have been waiting for a local brewery that brews high-quality craft beer. Sonnisaari Brewery is a real guardian and successor of the local brewing tradition.

Further information:
Timo Tyynismaa,, 040 534 5030

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