The 99th Action from Oulu is ‘The Whole City Walks’ health promoting sports campaign

The penultimate action on the list of One hundred Actions from Oulu is ‘The Whole City Walks’ – Around the Globe – health promoting sports campaign organised by the City of Oulu Sports and Recreation Services. The aim of the campaign is to inspire the citizens of Oulu to embrace a more active way of living in their everyday life by collecting steps or kilometres.

You can register your estimated distances on the campaign’s website where you can also follow the progress of different cities on the world map. On the map you can see how many laps each city has walked around the globe. In addition to the campaign cities, the route of the round-the-globe journey travels through several Summer Olympic host cities and football World Cup host cities.

The campaign was organised for the first time last year. At the time, the citizens of Oulu walked more than three times around the globe. This year, Oulu has also challenged the Cities of Vantaa, Tampere and Turku to join the campaign. The aim is not only to beat the last year’s result but also to win the other cities in the friendly competition.

This year ‘The Whole City Walks’ campaign has particularly focused in children and young people. During the campaign sports events have been organised for children’s daycare groups and primary school classes. Other events related to the campaign will also be organised around the city. ‘The Whole City Walks’ campaign was impressively kicked off at the ladies jogging event ‘Likkojen Lenkki’.

At the moment, the cities have walked over 59 000 kilometres all together. Turku, having collected over 28 000 kilometres, currently holds the first position. Oulu and the other cities still have one week to catch up with the leader. The winner will be published on 7 September. The progress of the campaign can be followed in real time on the website:

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