Selection criteria

Selection criteria for actions

  • the action is directed at the Oulu area
  • the action has either been completed or is currently being implemented
  • the action improves, develops or promotes e.g.
    • Oulu area services,
    • convenience in the daily lives of residents
    • enjoyment for residents and visitors
    • transport and the environment
    • urban culture and cultural events
    • the conditions for education, entrepreneurship, business and tourism
  • the action makes the Oulu area more attractive both domestically and internationally
  • the action promotes co-operation between the public sector, private sector and the third sector

A screening panel will select 100 actions to present to the Oulu area marketing and communications group, which acts as the programme’s jury. The jury will confirm the actions to be included in the 100 Actions programme and decide which of the actions will be selected as focal points in domestic and international marketing communications.